Day 6 – FISJ takes Hangzhou!

So this is it, last day in Hangzhou for Johor Team! Not much of activities were planned, to allow students to rest after 5 days of packed activities. After having breakfast at 8am students went back to their room to rest and pack their belongings. We checked out around 12 noon and went straight to lunch in Hangzhou city.

After lunch we visited the famous Hefang Street. Hefang Street is the most famed street in Hangzhou City. With brilliant culture and long history, it is regarded as a typical symbol of ancient Hangzhou. Vising this busy but interesting street, you can catch a glimpse of antique buildings and long-survived stores, taste local snacks as well as savor the beautiful artifacts.

DSC_8512.JPGHefang Street in Hangzhou.

DSC_8519.JPGDelicious local made nougats.

DSC_8522.JPGStudents observing the local shops.

DSC_8525.JPGThe street is famous for art!

Delicious local food.

Talented artists – they could sketch portraits in less than 30 minutes!

DSC_8553.JPGJohor Team – Group photo in Hefang Street (Hangzhou)

After spending over 3 hours in the street, we have literally lost all the energy! We then continued our journey to the airport. We safely boarded the aircraft at 1050 and landed in Changi International Airport at 0400 on 27th Oct 2018.

It was truly one of the most unforgettable journeys. Thanks to Expedition Leader, Assistant Trip Leader, Campus Leader and Support Teachers for your tremendous contribution in making this expedition a successful one. Not forgetting our vendors and tour guides, they made the trip more meaningful with their immense knowledge of each destination we visited. Our students definitely benefitted from the knowledge they have learned from them.

Thank you for reading the blog for daily updates during the trip. Good times don’t last long but the memories do. Till we meet again, goodbye Hangzhou and everyone! 🙂

Day 5 – Suzhou

In a glimpse of an eye, we have reached the end of the trip! Last day in China for both KL and Ipoh campuses. JB will spend another night in Hangzhou before departing on 26th night.

It was an early morning today as we had to checkout and depart from Jurong as early as 6am! Students had their packed breakfast in the bus and we travelled approximately 3 hours to Suzhou.

Our first place of visit in Suzhou was the Suzhou Museum. The museum was founded in 1960 and it is filled with abundant porcelains, relics of revolution, celadon, handicraft works, calligraphies and paintings of Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368 – 1911).

DSC_8231.JPGOur guide is giving a brief introduction of the Suzhou Museum. 


Our next destination was Suzhou Silk Museum which is well known as ‘Paradise on Earth’ and is world famous for its silk production.

DSC_8270.JPGOur guide in Suzhou Silk Museum is showing silk cocoons. 

DSC_8276.JPGA worker is demonstrating on how to remove the silkworm from the silk cocoon. 

DSC_8277.JPGStudents are excited as it is their first time observing silkworm and silk cocoon.

DSC_8293.JPGStudents observing a stretched silk net.

DSC_8295.JPGOur guide is explaining the benefits of silk and showcasing a comforter made of 100% in silk. 

Our last stop for the trip was the most anticipated and important activity of this trip which is Service as Action in Kang Chiao International School in Suzhou. Students had the opportunity to get to know students from that school and they participated in two activities in groups which are food making and sharing session and kite making session.

DSC_8310.JPGFairview students meeting and greeting Kang Chiao International School students. 

DSC_8312.JPGStudents of both schools introducing each others.

DSC_8333.JPGS&A – Group 4 students are making Baked Tapioca Cake.

DSC_8339.JPGS&A – Group 2 making fried banana fritters.

DSC_8345.JPGS&A – Group 5 students preparing Ginger Soup.

After the local food making and sharing session, students of both schools teamed up to make and fly kites.


After the end of the activities, both students and teachers gathered for a group photo and exchange of gifts as a token of appreciation.

DSC_8485.JPGMs. Elaine, our trip leader, is presenting souvenir to the teacher in KCIS

DSC_8498.JPGGroup photo of all teachers and students. 

PS: Kang Chiao International School wrote an article about students’ activities. Link is as below.

2018.10.25 飞优国际学校来访花絮

After the visit, we took 3 hours to travel to Hangzhou for dinner and followed by sending KL and Ipoh team to the airport.

Thank you! 🙂

Day 4 – Maoshan Scenic Area + Nanjing

How time flies! It is already the fourth day of our expedition. As usual, our day started with a stomach full of breakfast and had a short briefing on Service as Action which is to be done tomorrow in Kang Chiao International School in Suzhou, whereby students have to prepare Malaysian local delicacies as part of the food exchange session.

DSC_8012.JPGMr.Chai is checking on students’ preparation before the visit. 

After the briefing and discussion, we headed to the beautiful Maoshan Scenic Area where students had the opportunity to visit the Maoshan mountain which is regarded as the “First Holy Land” by the Taoists.

DSC_8046.JPGOur guide in Maoshan Scenic Area is explaining the meaning of the word “Fu” which means fortune and good luck. 

DSC_8066.JPGThe beautiful view of Lao Tze statue while our students walking down the stairs. 

Students also had the opportunity to learn Taichi which was taught by a number of expert Taichi Masters.

DSC_8093.JPGExpert Taichi Master teaching our students the basic Taichi steps. 

DSC_8137.JPGGroup photo with the Taichi Master.

After lunch, we headed to the most anticipating location which is the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall whereby it mourns the death of over 300,000 residents of Nanjing who were killed by Japanese intruders in December 1937.

DSC_8148.JPGOur guide is giving a brief introduction of the memorial hall. 

DSC_8172.JPGStudents witnessing the displays in the Memorial Hall regarding the tragedy. 

DSC_8189.JPGGroup 4 and 5 – ‘Peace’ statue at the Exit of the Memorial Hall

Lastly, we paid a quick visit to the Yangtze River Bridge and had our dinner in Nanjing. After dinner we bit farewell to the historic Nanjing and headed back to our hotel in Jia Xing. Students had their usual daily reflection session and headed back to their room early since tomorrow is going to be a long day, especially for KL and Ipoh campuses as their trip ends tomorrow.

Good night! 🙂

Day 3 – Hangzhou to Jia Xing

An exciting third day in Hangzhou began with a little extra work for everyone as today will be our last day in Hangzhou. As such, all of us had to bring along our luggages for check out. After breakfast, students were gathered around lobby area to complete their reflection and afterwards we were off to our first location of visit which is Hangzhou Arts and Crafts Museum.

DSC_7831.JPGMr Victor briefing students about the Arts and Crafts Museum of Hangzhou.

DSC_7834.JPGStudents discussing the detailing work of silk pillow case which is made of pure silk.


DSC_7866.JPGDSC_7869.JPGDSC_7872.JPGDSC_7877.JPGDSC_7884.JPGStudents were exposed to the art of doing DIY chopstick. First, an experienced chopstick maker demonstrated the ways to print the art on chopsticks, then students had the opportunity to give it a try on their own.

DSC_7901.JPGDSC_7918.JPGDSC_7928.JPGDSC_7931.JPGDSC_7881.JPGStudents had the opportunity to paint their own fan with the design of their own choice. The outcomes were impressive!

DSC_7933.JPGMr Victor is giving a brief introduction about the Scissors and Knives Museum before the students can explore the museum.

DSC_7940.JPGStudents observing the difference between swords that were made many years ago and swords that were made these days.

After that, we went to the Grand Canal which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site – the world’s longest canal or artificial river in the world (1,776km) and a famous tourist attraction destination. DSC_7969.JPGGroup photo of teachers at the Grand Canal of China.

DSC_7968.JPGDSC_7981.JPGA boat trip on the Grand Canal.

Last place of visitation was the Moon River Town. It features authentic shop and workshop buildings of a more “commoner” type, with numerous small restaurants and sellers of Chinese cakes and baked goods. DSC_7989.JPGMr Victor sharing the history of the Moon River Town.

DSC_7998.JPGStudent trying the local made cotton candy.

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-23 at 5.28.39 PM.jpegStudents’ trying local delicacies.

We departed from Hangzhou and travelled approximately 4 hours to reach Jia Xing. Had our late dinner and students completed their daily reflection and we called it a day. Yet another tiring but fun day is over. Will be posting more tomorrow with latest pictures!

Good night 🙂

Day 2 – Hangzhou

After a hectic day of travelling, we started off our first day of our trip with a good breakfast and a short briefing for the students. Also, students were grouped according to their respective expedition grouping list and introduced to each others.

DSC_7619.JPGStudents going through the expedition booklet before we off to our first place of visit. 

DSC_7623.JPGExpedition Group 1 led by Mr. Eugene

DSC_7625.JPGExpedition Group 2 led by Ms. Kathy

DSC_7627.JPGExpedition Group 3 led by Mr. Nathaniel 

DSC_7631.JPGExpedition Group 4 led by Mr. Prakash 

DSC_7629.JPGExpedition Group 5 led by Mr. Chai

The first place of visit is the breathtakingly beautiful Westlake and Leifeng Pagoda.

DSC_7680.JPGLeifeng Pagoda viewed from Westlake 

DSC_7665.JPGDSC_7662.JPG31b42ad7-87d1-4e0c-a4e9-16e683ce301e.jpgStudents and teachers posing for photos while enjoying the scenery of Westlake.

DSC_7722.JPGOur tour guide, Mr Victor, explaining about the history of Leifeng Pagoda to our students. 

89698e98-833b-4564-867b-8b17f5062f57.jpgStudents and teachers – group photo in front of Leifeng Pagoda.

After visiting Leifeng Pagoda, we were off to visit Longjing Tea Village (Tea plantation and production process).

DSC_7768.JPGOur tour guide, Mr Jack, who is also an expert in tea explaining about the tea plantation and what makes Hangzhou’s different from others. 

DSC_7789.JPGStudents’ witnessing on how tea leaves are being processed by hand.

DSC_7797.JPGStudents’ are smelling the aroma of the tea leaves after being dried under 180 degree Celcius in a hot wok by using just a hand!

Students’ are inquiring the tea leaves processing staff on the skills required to process the tea leaves. 

DSC_7813.JPGOur guide in tea plantation explaining about consumption of tea and tea leaves and the specialty of HZ produced green tea. 

After a scrumptious dinner, we departed to the famous Song Cheng show!

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-22 at 7.28.12 PM.jpegWhatsApp Image 2018-10-22 at 7.52.43 PM.jpegWhatsApp Image 2018-10-22 at 7.58.21 PM.jpegImpressive and jaw-dropping combination of technology and performing arts. 

After the show, we headed straight to the hotel. Students were gathered at the lobby for a reflection session whereby they completed their reflection in their expedition booklet for the activities and places visited for the day and had an early lights off as tomorrow it is going to be another long and exciting day!

Good night! 🙂

Time to showcase your talent!


Dear students,

it is a golden opportunity for you to showcase your talent in vlogging! 

Fairview is organising a contest with a title of “In Search of…” It could be in search of anything as students have plenty of interesting things to discover during the expedition. The requirements of the competition are included in the poster above.

We highly encourage students to participate as it allows them to show their creativity and to work closely with their friends.

Do take note of the due date which is 31st Oct 2018. Video entries must be sent to

Happy shooting! 🙂

“If you never try, you’ll never know what you are capable of – John Barrow”